The First Attempt At Creating A Constitution Essay

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After the Revolutionary War was won the Founding Fathers knew they had to create a document that would be able to govern the new country for many years to come. The first attempt at creating a constitution, the Articles of Confederation, proved insufficient due to the severe lack of power the national government held. To combat the nation’s problems, in the summer of 1787, the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia to discuss a new form of government. The new constitution contained compromise about slavery, representation in the houses and many other topics that would shape the nation, and completely differed from the previous document. It laid out a system of separation of powers and checks and balances, for the newly developing country to avoid its ancestral roots. During the writing of the constitution the Founding Fathers built guards against pure democracy with the exclusion of women and slaves and the idea of a representative democracy. These men also made sure that the country would not fall into a cycle of monarchism and totalitarianism by allowing citizens to take part in the government and express their feelings for or against it. The United States Constitution represents a diluted version of true democracy, because of this it holds many guards against democracy, but still makes the foundation of the nation democratic in nature. The development of the Constitution did not happen overnight, it was the result of many issues in the government from the years following…

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