The First Assumption Of Empowerment Feminist Theory Essay

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Tim Carnevale
Feminist exercises 1-3

Exercise 1)
The first assumption of Empowerment Feminist Theory is that social and political forces shape an individual. These forces in a person’s environment help shape an individual’s values, expectations, and behaviors. For example, a business man values hard-work, time management, and assertiveness. This man is socialized into a business environment. This environment stresses that individuals be hard-working, have good time management skills, and be assertive. Because this business environment mentality, the man values these attributes personally and professionally. This is an example of how the forces in an individual’s environment shape an individual’s values. Assumption one of Empowerment Feminist Theory also recognizes that individuals have an inherent need for autonomy, respect, and opportunity or individuals want to break free of the social and political forces that oppress them. An example of this is a woman who quits her business job of ten years after she is snubbed out from being promoted to a higher position to a man who has only worked for the business for one year. This woman is altering her environment to escape the oppression and find better opportunity and respect for herself. Through therapy the woman in the example above would be able to understand how these political and social forces influence her and how they interact. As a part of the change process it would be important for this woman to fully…

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