Essay about The First Application Of Coiled Tubing

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The first application of coiled tubing (CT) occurred during WWII in a project named PLUTO (pipeline under the ocean). It involved the placement of a continuous pipeline on the seafloor across the English Channel. The pipeline was constructed using smaller individual sections of tubing welded together coiled into a large spool of continuous tubing. Though the project had limited success, it set the stage for further exploration into this new technology. Industry professionals pursed the development of CT with the hopes of it becoming an effective intervention tool for safe and effective work-over operations on wells. By 1962, the California Oil Company and Bowen Tools reached this goal and became the first company to successfully develop the first coiled tubing unit (CTU) designed to remove sand bridge build-ups down hole (Kumar, 2011).
Attempts were made after the creation the CTU to expand CT to further applications throughout the industry with the hopes of eventually developing a technique of using continuous spooled tubing as a tool for drilling operations. The possibility of developing a method of coiled tubing drilling (CTD) represented significant economic incentive. Potentially, CTD could significantly reduce the drilling time needed for a well. Unfortunately, the attempts to develop an effective CTD method failed due to CT’s premature development. At the time, certain technology necessary for making CTD a feasible method of drilling was absent (Kumar, 2011).…

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