Essay The First Amendment ( The Free Exercise Of Religion )

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The First Amendment (The Free Exercise of Religion), offered American citizen’s right to believe in any religion they wish or to believe in no religion. Government law cannot force citizen to change their belief about religion. Government law should not against religion requirement such as dress, diet or group activities. In addition, the Constitution only protects accepted and established religion.

3. Historical Background
[Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations]
From the very beginning of American colonize, commonest reason of European immigration is to escape the persecution from Anglican and Roman Catholic. In other words, American is began with religion, that is my personal understanding of why the freedom of religion will be written as the first part of first amendment in the Bill of Right. Under this background, many colony established their government with their religion. However, Rhode Island, one special colony that was not governed by any typical religion, builded by Roger Williams with many heretics, is the first place with no established religion, where every person had full religion liberty. “Rhode Island was the first place in the New World to have no established faith, and the first to guarantee completely free exercise of religion—the twin principles of religious liberty in American that became the ‘no establishment’ and ‘free exercise’ provisions of the First Amendment” (H, C&G 17). Roger William, founder of Rhode Island, was banished from…

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