The First Amendment And Public Policy At The University Of Connecticut And John Bare

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Freedom of expression is one of the laws the forefathers of America made to empower its citizens and it also enables them to live in peace amongst themselves. In most countries around the world freedom of expressions does not exist, so there is always confusion in those countries. In the article titled “Why the First Amendment (and Public Policy at the University of Connecticut and John Bare who is the vice president for strategic planning and evaluation at the Arthur M. Blank Family foundation in Atlanta, employed claim of policy, claim of fact and also appeal to pathos in their argument of the importance of the First Amendment.
Ken Dautrich and John Bare use the claim of policy to bring awareness to the importance of the first amendment. Ken Dautrich and John Bare explained in the article when The First Amendment was made to educate people who do not know the purpose of The First Amendment made by the forefathers. The authors shared light on how freedom of expression has been applied through the daily lives of the people and, what will happen to The First Amendment in the future if much teaching is not done about the importance of The First Amendment. According to the authors, The First Amendment came about in 1789 to stop congress from preventing Americans from freedom of expression. The authors, also wrote that…

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