The First All Black Regiment Essay

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The First all black regiment in the Union the 54th. The 54th was made in 1863 added more men to the union army John Andrews been trying to get an all black regiment in the Union ever since the Emancipation Proclamation that said there would be no slavery in south seceded state. when John Andrews got the ok to enlist African American men but there were rules to this The officers had to be white men and the highest rank an african soldier could reach was sergeant. First thing Andrews had to do was to get officers for the volunteer army. He wrote a letter to a wealthy family in Massachusetts. Shaw family their son was a captain in the union army he wrote a the letter to Robert’s father to bring the letter to his son Robert’s father was well known for his hatred of slavery in that Andrews hoped that Robert’s father would get his son to take command

of the regiment Robert’s father rode into his camp on January 30,1863. Robert refused the offer saying “ I will not leave these men”. a couple days later Robert would accept the offer some historians says to appease his father anti-slavery ambitions, others say it was just to raise in his rank. He would assume command of 500 men they would go to the south to try to get capture Fort Wagner. In this battle Robert Shaw would die along with two other officers. But before this battle Robert Shaw would write a letter to his friend that he met in New York. Shaw’s soldiers would talk highly of his bravery and they respected him.…

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