The First 30 Pages Of Knot Theory Essay

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The first 30 pages of KNOT THEORY offer an engaging character driven drama. The script presents with a very intriguing protagonist. In fact, all the characters are very distinctive and interesting to watch.
The tone feels dramatic. There are solid themes about abandonment and life choices. The protagonist Luke clearly presents with strong, inner conflict about his father and his mother.
There’s definitely a lot to like about the first 30 pages of the script, but there are elements that are worth discussing.
Beginning with the first scene. The opening begins with a dream. It’s establishes inner conflict for Luke. He clearly has struggles. The identity of the woman in the gossamer clothes, at this point, isn’t clear, but one anticipates this will become clearer. While it’s an intriguing opening, it doesn’t immediately grab one’s attention, although on the screen in may be more compelling.
A possible alternative choice might be to open in the past with Luke’s mother’s death (depending on how that occurred), or something related to her death.
The first act does a nice job of establishing the ordinary world of Luke and Emmy. Luke, as mentioned, has many inner conflicts and struggles about his family and his life direction. He’s happy with the way things are now. He would be happy just being a painter. He doesn’t have a long-term plan. He’s moody and depressed. He’s angry and introspective. He seems to be more of a loner and rather not participate in the social scene.

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