The Fire Service Is All About Serving The Community Essay

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The fire service is all about serving the community. We respond to calls in the community where people have taken risk, whether it was intentional or not. Taking risk is part of the job and it is important to take these risk with all the necessary safety precautions and training in place. There are two key agencies which influence fire department training; Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Unlike NFPA which issues guidelines, which are recommendations, OSHA is a regulatory agency which enforces regulations and violation are punishable by law. Unfortunately, fire departments fail to realize that there could be legal risks by failing to develop, implement, maintain, and document required OSHA training. Fire departments that fail to do this often times find this out the hard way and are subject to an audit by OSHA. There could be hefty fines handed out, depending on the severity of the violations. These fines could have a significant negative impact on a fire departments budget. These fines could be in addition to other legal fees and penalties if a member was hurt or killed on the job. The solution to avoid this dilemma is for fire departments to develop a fire service training program to ensure all required training is performed and documented.
One of the first steps in developing a training program is to identify a person that is qualified to teach the topics and take the role as Training Officer (TO).…

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