Essay The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

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The Fire Next Time is paralyzing essay written by James Baldwin that captures the essence of a young black man experiencing the racist terrain of America. Through this mesmerizing exploration of fear, pain and rage, Baldwin, relocates the reader into a foreign –the world of the Negro in America. His challenge was to write a book that would provide white Americans a first-hand perspective of black males in the ghetto –the quest was to find out what made black males so attentive to the Nation of Islam. While writing that the essay he discovered that it was better than he imagined and never turned it into the editor of the Jewish magazine that hired him in the write the story. The book starts with a compelling and thought provoking letter to this nephew that gives poignant instruction on how to negotiate through the streets of Harlem as a black male. The harsh critiques of America are opined in almost every sentence with preciseness and rage. Baldwin overarching theme resonates as he tells his nephew, “You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger.” The fiery tone is established through this open letter that resurfaces constantly through the entire essay. The second part is referred to as a Letter from a Region in my Mind. Baldwin shares the insight gained from what he denotes as a “prolonged religious crisis.” During this time he begins to notice how the community has changed. The everyday street people that were common…

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