The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin Essay

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James Baldwin’s identification of rage is visible through his many literary works. His ability to articulate his anger upon the page with clarity and a sophistication, is a transcendent form of art. It is through his writings that he wrestles with the essence of black rage; a rage that engulfs the life of black people, trapped in unprecedented situations, as they pressed to survive the trials of life. Baldwin writes of the rage of the black community saying, “To be Black and conscious in America is to live in a state of rage.” His explication of black rage was not limited to erroneous slander deemed as an “irrational outburst” but a “passionate response to the evil of racism imposed” upon the black community. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Black Rage influenced Baldwin’s relationship with God and humanity in Fire Next Time.
The Fire Next Time is paralyzing essay written by James Baldwin that captures the essence of a young black man experiencing the racist terrain of America. Through this mesmerizing exploration of fear, pain and rage, Baldwin, relocates the reader into a foreign reality –the world of the Negro in America. His challenge was to write a book that would provide white Americans a first-hand perspective of black males in the ghetto. The quest was to find out what made black males so attentive to the Nation of Islam. While writing the essay, he discovered that it was better than he imagined and never turned it into the editor of the Jewish…

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