Essay The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

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America is the land of the free and home of the brave but is that really the case? As any American would say during the 1960’s, the color of your skin dictates your power and freedom in society. James Baldwin shares his stories growing up as a black man in a struggling country, ran by “white devils” in his book The Fire Next Time. By conjoining as one power in our country, Baldwin explains “We can make America what America must become”(10). Our country to this day is adapting to the inevitable change and our advances in social justice to not only blacks but everyone of all types. To begin with, we live in a society where if we see something different or against the social norm we initially judge that person. James Baldwin offers an insight from his own life experiences to show how we must advance as a nation to become more accepting and loving of others. Baldwin emphasizes “must” as a sense of urgency to change. Although social justice does not happen overnight, progression is being made. For example, Baldwin writes “It is extremely unlikely that Negros will ever rise to power in the United States, because they are only approximately a ninth of this nation”(83), but as of 2015, we are under the power of a black president and a woman running for next term. Our country may be changing slowly but it can be seen through rallies and celebrations of all people that there is progress. Baldwin tells us “Isn’t love more important that color?”(71) No matter your color, sexuality,…

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