Essay on The Fine Arts Building A Whole

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For my group’s final project site, we chose the entire Fine Arts Building as a whole. The Fine Arts Building although not huge, offered a great amount of space to work with. It also allowed us to pick and choose from a wide assortment of sounds we wanted to incorporate into our project. In addition to this, the building always had people within different classes as well as walking around the hallways. This offered various sounds ranging from painting and drawing noise to sounds from students talking in the hallways. The building itself is designed and used for art, which allowed our group to utilize musical sound, sounds that go into making art, and sound that doesn’t directly relate to art such as noise in the hallways. Our groups overall goal for this project was to present our audience with various sounds within the Fine Arts Building to further the question what is art and or music. The purpose and meaning of our project was to relate our project to the teachings of this class and force the audience to decide from themselves how and what they categorize as music and or art. There is no right or wrong answer to this question rather only interpretations. Everyday, students in this class walk through the Fine Arts Building and hear various sounds, but don’t directly relate or categorize these sounds they are hearing as either pieces of art or music. We wanted to leave our project open ended and allow the audience to make this decision. We did minimal talking within our…

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