2008 Financial Crisis Summary

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The year 2008 was hallmarked by a main financial-crisis particularly in United States. The recession witnessed therefrom was the highest since the 2nd world war. This had consequential effect since this financial crisis in U.S spread to other countries which led to detrimental impact to other countries economic system. A detailed analysis showcase that the financial crisis actually commenced in the year 2006, particularly, when the subprime-market for mortgage in United States commenced to exhibit increasing instances of defaults in mortgage. Therefore, shedding light on the grass root problem of the U.S financial crisis matter unveils that 2008 was just a culmination of the matter since the year 2006.
Since the year 2006, the investors in U.S observed that their invested wealth was getting
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By the year 2007, the markets particularly the prime-mortgage exhibited high rates of defaults compared to the normal rates. In furtherance to the same, the collateralized-mortgage-obligations (C-M-O) which in this regard is a collaterized type of debt commitments allowed escalation of these problems from the mortgage to the rest of the economy sectors. This had a widespread repercussion on the entire financial markets at large. C-M-O were the securities that were backed up by mortgages that were issued by the investment financial institutions such as banks. However, these financial institutions were then not part and parcel of the commercial bank system. Therefore, with the falling value of the mortgage had a ripple effect on the value of securities, which in this respect fell.
Besides, the issue of financial crisis was furthered by

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