The Financial Crisis Of The United States Essay examples

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The financial crisis is the problem that is faced by many countries like United Nations, Canada and others. It came as a result of economic difficulties triggered by the financial markets, currency fluctuations and liquidity shortfall in banking. The problem started from financial markets to the entire economy. The crisis in 2008 triggered falling of prices for homes. The homes prices in United States dropped after the depression of home sales (William, 2012). There was high rate of unemployment and tighter credit. This led to the drop of real estate prices which encouraged massive increase in construction and extraction of home equity. The housing price affected the recession and economic recovery in United States. United States is recovering slowly from the financial crisis after 2008.
The studies show that the financial crisis comes as a result of growth-stifling policies. They clarify their issue in political perspective by showing that in 2012 the voters blamed their political leader especial president Bush for the financial crisis in their country. They still blame president Barrack Obama for the weak recovery (Davis, 2014). According to the research of Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Renhart, they claim they predicted the financial crisis before it took place. They also claim that their research showed there would be slow recovery. This is seen in how United States experiences slow recoveries and people blaming their leaders for it. The recession took place…

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