The Financial Cost Of Attending College Essay

919 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
During the course of Intermediate reporting, I have improved on various issues with my writing. Yet, there are various content improvements that I must make in my writings to make them publishable.
One of my biggest content mistakes during the course of the class is the misuse of narrowing down to a specific and local topic. An example of this would be my paper about the financial cost of attending college. While I did write clearly on the issue of the cost of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities, it should have been a more direct focus on Edinboro University as a whole. One way to fix this would have been doing a thorough interview at the bursar’s office about the current statistic and professional quotation, rather than pulling it directly off of the Edinboro University website
Another content improvement I could have made is a more dynamic vision towards the topic. The article that would have needed it the most was the Drive-in and dive-in story about how it is really affecting local drive-ins (I.E Sunset Drive-in in Waterford). One way to correct it would have gone more in depth with Sunset Drive-in and acquire an in depth interview with the owner of the organization. In addition to that interview, it would be appropriate to interview locals or others who have once visited the location and ask about it’s current status.
The third content improvement that could be made is the better involvement of description of the article. One way to help…

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