The Financial Aid Handbook : Getting The Education You Want For The Price You Can Afford

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The Financial Aid Handbook: Getting the Education You Want for the Price You Can Afford : Carol Stack (Author), Ruth Vedvik (Author), May 15, 2011 The Career Pres Inc.
I think The Financial Aid Handbook is one of the ultimate financial aid books. Carol Stack and Ruth Vendik are authors of the book. They lay out very clearly how universities determine the financial aid amount a student will be expected based upon what the post-secondary institutions consider to be a desirable student. It is a very helpful hand book which covers the college selection and payment process, basic timelines and tuition costs, predicting scholarship award from colleges, taking ownership of student debt after graduation and more. It is essential to any high school student planning on attending post-secondary education, and for whom paying for college is a concern. The Financial Aid Handbook is well organized, separated into logical chapters, and neither patronizes nor overwhelms the reader. The Book has a lot of useful information and step by step guides to get students and parents through a complex and confusing financial process.
The authors made an important point in this book is that calculations of "need-based" financial aid can result in significantly lower awards than families expect and can cause painful choices between declining offers from first-choice schools and taking on huge amounts of debt. Carol Stack and Ruth Vendik believe that debt over $20,000 total for undergraduates is…

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