The Final Sequence Of English Language Instruction Of My Undergraduate Program

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The writing sample I have chosen to submit is a short essay I wrote for my English V class. This course is the final sequence of English language instruction of my undergraduate program. It aims at enhancing the student’s oral and written production skills, with a focus on critical thinking.
Within the framework of this assignment, we were asked to write a short essay that reported on the thesis and arguments presented by the author of an article (cited in the text), while also incorporating our own ideas about the topic at hand. That is why I consider it is a concise and effective example of the two main skills needed for academic writing. On the one hand, writers should be able to look for and then accurately synthetize the information they find from reliable and pertinent sources. On the other hand, they should be able to fully develop their own ideas in order to contribute to the conversation, all the while paying the utmost attention to the quality and effectiveness of their writing.
To produce this writing I went through several stages in the span of approximately two hours. Firstly, I pondered on the assignment and the result I was supposed to produce, so that I could apply the most pertinent strategies. Secondly, there was a prewriting stage, which I consider crucial to achieve the best result possible in any kind of writing task. It is during this part of the writing process that I brainstorm and then produce an outline for my text. This is a skill that I was…

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