The Final Four Women 's Ncaa Basketball Tournament Essay

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In 2018, Oklahoma City will be hosting the Final Four women’s NCAA basketball tournament. Given a year and a half to plan for the event, there are a lot of managerial and organizational items on the agenda that must be accounted for in order for this to run smoothly and successfully. The following items will be detailed out in order to accomplish the task at hand: planning and budgeting, organizing and staffing, controlling. Along with these specific agenda items, personal objectives as the director of sports commissions need to be address during the entire process. These objectives include problem solving, setting a direction, aligning people, and motivating and inspiring. If all these personal objectives are met, the process of creating this event will run smoothly and give the city a positive reflection and our fans an event they will never forget.
In order to budget properly, a plan must be set to make deadlines for specific goals. Those goals are going to consist of beginning a marketing strategy, having timelines for personnel hiring, organizing parking, and deciding on concessions. Although each of these will be broken down further, it is important to begin to get a rough plan together to decide on specific dates to finalize contracts. I would need to know my overall budget so I know how much money to allocate to each of these areas, beginning with the hiring of a marketing company. I would need to make more specific plans before I can begin my hiring process…

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