The Final Exam For Modern Semester Essay

758 Words Apr 14th, 2015 4 Pages
The final exam for modern 1 this semester allowed me to look at myself in a different light. Throughout the semester I have been working on memorizing choreography for myself rather than relying my peers to memorize the choreography for me. This combination allowed for me to strengthen this specific semester goal, while also allowing me to perform this piece as a solo. This paper will focus on what I saw in myself during the video exam. It will also reflect on how I was feeling while performing this piece of choreography. In the beginning of the phrase it was obvious how nervous I was. Being that not only did I have my peers observing me, but I was also the first to dance I was feeling extremely nervous. As soon as I began dancing it was as if I forgot about the world around me and I was able to focus on myself. The musicality that I was dancing to is what shocked me the most. I have never been someone that remembers counts very well, but during the phrase I was on the right counts for the most part. I used plies more often than I thought I was. This allowed for me to travel further and also with more power. I tend to forget to plie so the fact that I was actually using it reminded me of how much progress I have made in modern dance. With each movement I made their was a good amount of tension in my movements. It was almost as if I were being pulled around and pushed by some unforeseen force. Lastly, my semester goal proved to show in my performance. I was able to perform…

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