Essay on The Final Dance Folk Dance

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The final dance Folk Dance for a Gay ex-Methodist White Boy, choreographed by Andrew Vaca, conveyed the idea that if one lets themselves go and free themselves from conformity, that they can simply be happy and not care how they look whilst doing so. This was heavily shown through the focus on a soloist throughout the entire dance, lighting, costumes and music. The soloist was the center of attention throughout this entire dance even if she was not on the center of the stage. The entire stage was used, but the center of the stage in particular was focused on. As opposed the the first dance, the last one engaged with the audience and faced the audience for majority of the dance. The lighting on the backdrop consisted of bright colors blending into one another. The music was very cheery and so was the expressions on the dancers faces. Altogether, these two dances connect by creating a storyline such that if one does not fear and takes risks then they are capable of finding the trust to love someone and to later, let go and be free with that person or without. Everyone in this dance was dressed in white shirts and blue jeans, a very casual everyday look as opposed to a costume. This made the dancers seem as though they were equal and more relatable to the audience simply by what they were wearing, let alone how engaging the dancers really were. They began in three rows making movements of unison by bobbing their heads in the same direction. Once this broke apart, one female…

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