Essay on The Film Useless By Jia Zhang Ke

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The film Useless by Jia Zhang-ke is a film like nothing I have ever seen before. The film is one in which Zhang-ke explores the many realities of Chinese culture; the culture that the Chinese receive from elsewhere, the culture that has been created by the exploitation of the working class, and Chinese culture from the perspective of the outsider (the viewer). By exploring three features of the clothing industry in China, Jia delicately explores the monetary and imaginative options of not just factory workers, tailors and clothing designers, but his own issues as an independent filmmaker contending with the struggles of, maintaining personal relations, gaining fame through his art and personal expression. Jia Zhang-ke made the documentary to highlight the fashion industry and highlight the art of Ma Ke’s art, but instead put the spotlight on something that almost nobody thinks about when consuming commodities. We never think about the production or the relations of the employees to the product when we buy. As a culture, we are not only accomplices to massive exploitation but also victims of it ourselves and that is something that is shown massively in this movie almost incidentally. Jia Zhang-ke made the attempt to create an exposé of Chinese culture and exploitation but also made the American or European viewer aware of how we are being exploited and participating in the exploitation. Chinese culture, as apparent in Useless is very dependent on the culture brought to them…

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