The Film : Seeds Of Death Essay

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1. The title of the film is Seeds of Death and it was released in 2012. The documentary’s purpose is to educate the public on what truly is in the food they eat. Furthermore, it attempts to show the impacts of this and call for a change. The film expounds on the evils of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. It uses analysis for experts to illustrate the lethal health effects of these products on animals. The documentary then explains how these same effects have been seen in humans. GMO’s have been directly linked to increases in cancer, infertility, and birth defects. After educating the audience, it cries for the need of society to change from this GMO-dominated culture.
2. The film Seeds of Death begins with a series of graphic warnings and startling facts. It highlights various newspaper headlines that point to the ills of GMO’s. These serve to draw the audience in and make them aware of how deeply penetrating the issue is. Following this, an element of controversy is introduced as the major corporations that produce GMO’s, such as Monsanto and Du Pointe, are directly backed by the government. Afterwards, the documentary presents several cases in which GMO’s have been shown to cause health detriments in rats. This builds up to specific instances worldwide where these products have caused sudden deaths in animals around the world. Upon nearing the end, it lists various health crises that are all linked to increases in GMO consumption. From rises in cancer, infertility,…

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