The Film Of Mice And Men Essay

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Gary Sinise, the director of the film, Of Mice and Men, produced a tragic masterpiece based off of John Steinbeck’s novel which was published in 1937, but Sinise’s film was not released until October 2, 1992. According to Roger Ebert,
“The most sincere compliment I can pay them is to say that all of them - writer and actors - have taken every unnecessary gesture, every possible gratuitous note, out of these characters. The story is as pure and lean as the original fable which formed in Steinbeck 's mind. And because they don 't try to do anything fancy -- don 't try to make it anything other than exactly what it is -- they have a quiet triumph” (1).
As viewers watch the film, the constant theme of loneliness is displayed throughout the beginning, the middle, and the end to illustrate the isolation each character fells throughout the film.
In the opening scene of the film, we are introduced to George and Lennie. These characters are walking down a dirt road, and the theme of loneliness is evident when George comforts Lennie about what he took out of his pocket. Lennie responds, “It’s my mouse. I didn’t kill it. I promise. I found it dead. (Of Mice and Men)” This scene shows Lennie is lonely because most people would not pick up a dead mouse to carry around with them due to being lonely. Furthermore, George takes the mouse from Lennie and throws it. Then, Lennie runs towards the direction the mouse was thrown, and he falls to his knees and begins to cry. He comments a lady…

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