The Film Heritage Africa, A Colorful And Unbiased Depiction Of Ghana

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In the film Heritage Africa, a colorful and unbiased depiction of Ghana and the effects colonialism in this country we are introduced to a series of both, self-deprecation and pride, of the people of Ghana. The director Kwan Ansah lets us see these effects through the eyes of Quincy, an educated Ghana native, given the position of district commissioner. Quincy can now act as a liaison between the disgruntled natives and the Englishman who are representing the imperialistic views of the Queen.
For starters, Ansah opens the first scene inside of a Christian church. Black faces receive their sermon from a white pastor with interpretation from an African pastor. White imperialists impose their Christian beliefs and all who partake in the old spiritual ways are ostracized. We realize that spirituality and classism go hand in hand when a disheveled woman comes into the church and is promptly put out. We see it again when Quincy reprimands his son for viewing a spiritual dance out in the street. The child is then disciplined by the school he attends for the same, which would later prove costly. They teach the children that these rituals are for “beggars”. This again shows the disdain that the people have for their own culture because of the religion that was forced on their forefathers.
The school reinforces the self-deprecating mindset by putting on a show in which the children depict Africans as savage cannibals. When a teacher decides to give the children the true history of…

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