The Film, Happy And Glorious, By Queen Elizabeth II And The Duke Of Royal Of Edinburgh

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The opening ceremony selectively borrows the elements from the British films and keep the perceptions of the Britishness in these films that make them distinctive in global cinematic domains. Through the simulations of Britishness, The ceremony thus becomes a global audio-visual commodities (Tzanelli, 2013: 59). The performance heavily emphasizes on the nationally iconic personality from popular culture such as Mr Bean and James Bond and successfully achieved a blending of the seriousness and entertainment. In the next section ‘Happy and Glorious’, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh enter the stadium, the royal navy carrying the union flag into the stadium (The Opening Ceremony, 2012). As Tzanelli (2013: 53) points out, the section breaks a linear narrative of modern British history, and intends to tell the story in unconventional ways. This serious moment soon switches to a cinematic footage, which is played by the Queen and Daniel Craig as James Bond. It makes the global audience feel that the Monarchy is accessible to the public, and employs the generic features of James Bond films that globally famous. For example, it shows the Queen together with James Bond mount a helicopter and they aerially travel across the city of London from the Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Stadium (The Opening Ceremony, 2012). When they are approaching the stadium, James Bond opens the door of the helicopter and the ‘Queen’ parachutes out followed by Bond (The Opening Ceremony,…

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