The Film Crash Directed By Paul Haggis Essays

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In society today race relationships and racism continue to shape our everyday lives. The fact of the matter is that we are either the person who is being judged because of our appearance and background or we are the person judging. Living in a society where white supremacy regimes race, class, and gender affect the types of privileges people have in comparison to others. Rights are always cut back when they conflict with the economic interests of the system. In the film Crash directed by Paul Haggis, intertwines the lives of people living in a culturally diverse city of Los Angeles. He highlights the stereotypes people have towards people who are from different races, class, and gender. This film appeals to pathos because as an audience who is either white or black, Latinos or Koreans, rich or poor, powerful or powerless we are all defined by racism and it affects us emotionally. We relate to these stories because we have experienced racism in our society because it seems to be the factor that determines the way people perceive us. Social constructs prevent people from seeing the real person standing in front of them, because they have already formed an opinion of who that person is, based on what society has already taught them to think about that person.
In the film we are introduced to two characters Farhad who is Iranian a store owner, who is accused of being a terrorist who hires Daniel a locksmith who is Latino, who is accused of being a gangbanger to change his lock,…

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