The Film 12 Years A Slave And How It Exposes The Horrid Enterprise Of Slavery

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This review will focus on the film 12 Years a Slave and how it exposes the horrid enterprise of slavery, including the re-enslavement process and the generally horrid living and working conditions.. I hope to learn more about the actual events of Solomon Northup’s life as I look into the differences between the novel and the movie. Between 1619 and 1865, African-Americans had to deal with multiple injustices; socially, they were often looked down upon by white people, politically they had no say in government, and they had limited legal capabilities to assess any of these injustices in a court of law.

In this paper, I will be discussing different instances of rebellion against re-enslavement illustrated by the movie, including the groups who took part, their roles, and the situations where they found the courage to fight against being forced back into slavery.. I also state my biggest realization after watching the movie, the film’s historical accuracy, a review of the film’s application to the class, and what I learned from watching the film.

The movie showcased multiple methods of opposition toward re-enslavement; some examples include never forgetting who you were before becoming a slave, a spontaneous attempt escape, and outside help to get slaves their freedom. In the movie, Solomon was abducted and beaten until he accepted his new name, “Platt.” His role was as the main character in the novel, and his inner willpower to remember where he came from. Besides…

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