The File Crash, By Director Paul Haggis Essay

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In 2004 the file Crash was released by director Paul Haggis. What only started as a “passion peace,” would eventually receive extreme praise. Many people loved the racial and social tensions depicted in the film, and it eventually won three academy awards. Personally, the movie made me consider how much tension and animosity there is because of race or religion, not just across the world, but specifically America. Despite efforts to try and ignore these differences, it seems as though they are unsuccessful. In addition to addressing the harsh ignorance that is prevalent in some parts of the country, the movie does a great job of being a perfect example of the four pillars that LaGrange College stands on. Service, excellence, diversity, and civility are all prominently displayed in the actions of the characters throughout the entire movie. When he began creating the film, Haggis had no idea of the significance of his piece, but it turned into one of the most influential dramas films ever written. One of the main characters in the film is portrayed by Matt Dillon. Dillon’s character is an corrupt racist police office who doesn’t care to hide his feelings about other races. The first three scenes involving him show that he is aggressive and extremely rude. His partner even puts in a request for a new partner. Despite all of this, Officer Ryan (Dillon’s characters name) is still a good example of civility in the film. Later on in the film, we learn that Ryan’s dad has been…

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