Essay on The Fight Of Infection And Infection Control

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Jessica Bohnert
Mrs. Boyce
Advanced Composition
24 October 2016
The Fight of Infection Throughout healthcare fields, infection and infection control is a major issue. Every health oriented procedure or process requires strict attention towards infection, and ways in which to prevent infections. The actions performed during any healthcare procedure directly impacts whether or not infection may occur. Infection can ruin a person’s life in a split second, especially those who are susceptible because of a decreased immune system. Throughout the United States, intense preventative methods are practiced to decrease the amount of nosocomial infections. Currently, the United States sets guidelines and policies in which are supposed to be followed to decrease the amount of nosocomial infections each year. Although these preventative methods are in place, nosocomial infections “affect 1 in 10 patients admitted to [the] hospital” (Inweregbu, Dave, and Pittard. "Nosocomial Infections”). Increased preventative measures, such as easily accessible hand washing systems, and tighter surveillance on patients, visitors, and workers will decrease the amount of nosocomial infections throughout the world. Increased prevention programs will develop a stronger basis for healthcare workers to work from, causing fewer cases of nosocomial infections. Along with infection programs, strict surveillance on all parts of healthcare, such as invasive procedures and visitor monitoring, will decrease the…

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