Essay on The Fight For Women 's Suffrage

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The fight for women’s suffrage was an ongoing topic in the United States in the 1920’s. Women’s suffrage was the struggle for women to achieve the right to vote and hold office, which was a pressing matter for women of the time. But it was soon to be that women 's lives would be changed for the better in politics, work, education, and in the home. With advances in society, some women stood up and made a true example of women’s suffrage activists and future congresswomen. Jeannette Rankin was one of those women who decided to take a stand for what she believed. She was the most influential woman of her time that made a positive impact on women 's suffrage rights and power for women in congress.
Women’s Suffrage had long materialized before Jeannette Rankin’s time. It first began almost a century ago in ancient Greece, where men took political power and left no room for women 's opinion or say. Women were thought to “ lack the qualities and capabilities necessary for equal citizenship” up until the mid 1800s. Around this time not all men had the right to vote in the United States (“Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective”). After voting rights for all men were accomplished, campaigns for women’s right to vote emerged. Women were tired of being involved in organizations, where they held prominent roles, and did not posses the right to vote on election day. Being thought of as the obedient wife and mother who could only associate themselves with their homes, made many…

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