The Fight For Women 's Suffrage Essay

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The United States in the early 1900s is a country flooded with problems and issues threatening the prosperity of the country. Some of these issues include deforestation, the fight for women’s rights, the continuation of child labor, and the unsanitary findings found within the meatpacking industry. Earlier this year, my Aunt Bessie generously awarded me one million dollars to spend on three different progressive reform groups of my choice. After deep thought and careful consideration, I have decided to divide the money between three progressive reform groups: women’s suffrage, the fight against child labor, and food safety. Furthermore, women’s suffrage is an important movement that deserves a generous donation towards their cause.
I decided that the cause of women’s suffrage and women’s rights will receive the $600,000 contribution. Women are being deprived of a crucial right granted to all citizens of the United States, the right to vote. Why should women be deprived of the right to vote if they are citizens? Jane Addams, a women’s suffragist, once said that women need the right of suffrage to preserve America along with its belief and value system. According to Adams in Document C, If women want to fulfill their traditional responsibility to their children and country, they should be granted the coveted right to vote in order to “preserve the home.” This statement by Addams shows that women need the right of suffrage to vote for ideas that will preserve America and its…

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