The Fight For Equality And Women 's Rights Essay

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The Introduction to Women’s Studies class was very informative and very eye opening for me. There are many things that I learned about women’s history and many of those things are still very significant today for the fight for equality and women’s rights. Some of my favorite topics were matters that I had a personal interest in, as well as my own experiences with. I am very focused on fighting for equality for everyone, especially for woman; with this comes the understanding that we need to inform more women that they are important and that they do have a voice that deserves to be heard. Women should not think or feel like they are inferior beings and women should not live in fear of power or status. Women should instead join forces and help each other, as well as inspire other females around the world. Women are just as intelligent and educated as men, women are just as important as men in the workplace, and women are so much more than objects or pieces of meat that are here to please men. Women should not feel like they are objects that are required to maintain youthfulness and stereotypical beauty in order to succeed in life. Women today feel like they must keep up with their appearances or they will be judged and criticized by people around them. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on women of all ages to maintain an unrealistic expectations of beauty. Real beauty comes from within and people should begin teaching this to our children at a young age instead of…

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