The Fight For Equality : A Young Age Essay

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The Fight for Equality

From a young age people are put into categories such as; boy and girl, strong and pretty, or intelligent and nurturer. Young girls are given baby dolls to play with and take care of whereas young boys are given building blocks and race cars. I remember when I was little, I had baby dolls and stuffed animals to play with but my sister and I also enjoyed playing with race cars and building blocks. My sister and I came up with a game that we played when we were younger and we used our imaginations and pretended that we were defending the world from monsters and sorcerers or anything we could imagine. One Halloween, we decided to dress up as aliens and a lady thought we were little boys behind the alien masks. It was strange to us because our parents had let us dress up the way we wanted and play with whatever toys we wanted. At a young age we recognized that there were specific ways that society thought boys and girls should act. From the moment of birth society is divided in the way that children are raised and taught to do things. Society portrays the values that are culturally normal but the only problem is what is normal? By giving individuals a label it justifies what has become normal. Society has made stereotypes of what individuals should be and how they should act. Particularly with gender roles, men are taught that they must bring in the money and provide for their wife and family whereas women are…

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