The Fight For Equal Rights For Women Essay

957 Words Nov 24th, 2016 4 Pages
The fight for equal rights for women is a battle that is old as time. Currently in America, women everywhere are still fighting an uphill battle for equal rights, whether it be at school, in the workplace or in the community. Men have always been regarded as stronger, worthier and smarter than women, however it appears as though the tables have turned in the women’s favor in some instances, but certainly not all.
The role of a woman a few short decades ago was to be a wife and a mother at home while the man of the house would get an education and career. Times have changed and Jodi Cohen, a reporter at the Chicago Tribune has the numbers to prove it. According to her findings, women are not only attending college and outnumbering men in those schools, but they are graduating at higher rates. The gap is the highest in low income and minority students. Women are finding that relying on the traditional American roles are not necessarily beneficial for them. With the country’s divorce rate the way it is and the alarming number of broken families, women are realizing that they must attend college and become financially secure on their own. The gap is not overwhelming, by any means, in Illinois, 59% of all students in 2005 were women, however it is an incredible improvement considering not so long ago, women were not even allows to attend college (Cohen 2006). Some of these number are due to the programs offered, for instance Loyola University has women at 69% of their graduate…

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