The Fight For Education Equality Essay

1167 Words Nov 16th, 2016 5 Pages
I have never worried about whether or not I would go to school and receive an education. My parents always made enough money throughout the years to send me to school. Even when my mom got fired from her job in 2008, the first thing my parents assured me was that I would not have to leave my private school. Also, I never worried if my gender would restrict me from attending school. I received an all girls’ education, so I grew up believing that all girls were as fortunate as I was. It was not until middle school that I learned about how girls in third world countries were not as fortunate as I was. Today in sub-Saharan Africa, there are approximately eighty-three girls enrolled in school to every one hundred boys enrolled in school. The fight for education equality in Africa is brutal, complex, and severe. However, non-governmental organizations have been and continue to be extremely powerful and effective in their work when it comes to education equality in Africa. Unlike international-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations are able to go into villages in third world countries and see first-hand how living conditions and laws positively or negatively affect the population. In fact, international-governmental organizations such as the United Nations are in frequent contact with non-governmental organizations so they can obtain certain information and statistic that they would usually look over. One non-governmental organization that is featured in the…

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