The Fight Club And Lullaby : Qualitative Differences Essay

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Fight Club and Lullaby: Qualitative Differences in the Nature of Transgression"

It can be stated that a transgression is born from a person’s past, something that we humans are victims of. The past is unforgivable, inevitable and difficult to get away from and though we are the captains of our own ships, there are certain moments in our lives that we can’t escape. It is when the antecedent events press on our comfort zones that transgressions seem to manifest. This is the case with Chuck Palahnuik’s Fight Club and Lullaby where the past is the cause for murder, corruption, supernatural manifestations, Oedipal complexes and the destruction of normal ideologies. Murder is one of the major themes in Palahnuik’s transgressionary work and it has a resounding impact with Lullaby. In this story, the narrator named Carl Streator is a journalist who is researching on SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which triggers the past deaths of his child and wife. As Streator investigates the SIDS phenomena he finds that all the nurseries of affected infants have the same book opened to the same page. The page depicts an African Chant called a “culling song” from Poems and Rhymes Around the World a book which, curiously, he too, had read to his family just before their deaths. It is during his research that he finds that reciting the culling song to someone can cause their death, something that Streater unintentionally uses. Due to high degrees of stress and his memorization of the…

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