The Fight Against Racial Segregation Essay examples

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The fight against racial segregation in professional basketball
Racial segregation and basketball may seem like two separate topics; however, they had a substantial impact on each other during the 1900’s. Racial segregation was a prominent problem for African Americans in their daily lives but they were also mistreated in professional sports. They were rarely allowed to play in professional leagues because of the colour of their skin instead of being respected for their talent. Although in the 1900’s African Americans faced brutal standards of racial inequality, being admitted into professional basketball represented a social change in civil rights, was accomplished due to the efforts of people who found a need for change, created opportunities for future African-American basketball players, and allowed the future of basketball to flourish.
The 1900’s were a difficult time for African Americans due to the racial inequality that they endured. They had to fight for their rights to be treated equally within the community. Not only was the public against them, but the law as well. It made their lives even more challenging by separating them, restricting them, and putting them at a disadvantage. The law in the 1900’s banned African Americans from bathrooms, theatres, and even legislatures and juries. They tried to separate them from the Europeans because of the way they looked. However, African Americans demanded change and fought against this racial segregation by using…

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