The Fight Against Gun Control Essay

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Some opponents of tougher gun control legislation say that criminal activity is very likely to occur when there is no force of protection present between a criminal and a defenseless target. Criminals will prefer to commit their diabolical acts in highly populated “gun free” zones, where citizens are not armed and are subjected to the villain’s will. According to John Lott Jr., former chief economist for the U.S. Sentencing Commission, every mass shooting since 1977, other than the 2011 Tucson killings, has occurred in a gun-free zone. Whether these predators like to pounce upon their easily accessible, unarmed prey, or think that they are more likely to be stopped in areas where people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, they still are taking advantage of the gun control laws (Taylor). Opponents say that the solution to this problem is to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. However, this argument relies on the notion that stricter gun control will lead to guns being taken out of the hands of the “good” people and placed into the grasp of “bad” people. The purpose of gun control legislation is to stop the “bad” people from acquiring guns to commit violent crimes, and allowing “good” people to carry guns in the appropriate circumstances. If we allowed citizens to carry concealed weapons in gun-free zones, even if they have obtained a legal weapons permit, it could lead to a gunfight between a criminal and armed citizens, endangering both the shooters and other…

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