The Fight Against Global Warming Essay

777 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Out of the three articles on the fight against global warming, written by Alex Williams, Al Gore, and Matt Power, Power is the most convincing because of the logic he uses to persuade his readers. Power gives “10 Green Heresies” that explain how normally accepted green movements aren’t as good as they seem and ways to fix each of them. Power’s use of logos is also far more persuasive than Gore’s use of a pathos persuasion tactic, which is a guilt trip more than anything else. Lastly, Power’s article engages the audience with facts going against the common beliefs on what helps and hurts the environment and how to really help.

In Power’s article he gives 10 heresies, beliefs and opinions contrary to what is commonly taken in as true, and explains why they are correct. The list includes everything from where to live, nuclear power, and using the air conditioner. The first heresy Power gives is that living in the city is actually more eco friendly then we may think. When Power expands on this his reason is that transportation is decreased severely in the city, and many people walk or ride bikes to get places compared to the rural countryside where large pick ups and off road vehicles are used to travel just about anywhere. Another surprising heresy is the air conditioner. Using the AC is actually better for the environment than heating is. Power explains this perfectly: “When it’s 0 degrees outside, you’ve got to raise the indoor thermometer to 70 degrees. In 110 degree…

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