Essay The Fifth Day Of September

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On the fifth day of January, I was born in the city of Darlington, SC. God began to move in my life at the age of three months old, coming from a single parent home, God began to open doors that I would not see, or understand until fifteen years later. I was taken in by my sister’s grandparents and my life was changed forever more. A family that could have left my mother to struggle to provide for a male, and have to work to provide, took me in and built a foundation that has been the driving force of my life. I sit and think every day where would my life be if it wasn’t for God placing me in their care. I have been through major sugary and without God being with the doctor, I would not be here today. A few years after my surgery, God kept his arms around me still as I walked away from a terrible car accident without a scratch. It is through this testimony I give that severs as the catalyst of my desire to proclaim the faith. Growing up in a house where faith and the church was number one, I grew up being groomed by the church in which I still currently attend. It was there, that I begin to hear and understand the word of proclamation. Sunday after Sunday, my pastor, who was a fair skinned African American man would stand before God’s people and proclaim the euangelion from God’s Holy Scriptures. It was something about the way he would stitch together scripture with the everyday life of congregants. It reminds me of a saying from Karl Barth, “a preacher should preach with…

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