The Field Of Strategic Human Resource Management Essay example

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According to Lepak and Shaw (2008), the field of strategic human resource management (SHRM) has made tremendous strides over the years, and while some theorists might disagree on what is described as some of the subtleties concerning this field of HR. It has many distinguishing attributes compared to other lines of HR research (Lepak & Shaw, 2008). For instance, though there appears to be exceptions, SHRM tends to focus on organizational performance outcomes and perception of management concerning organization performance. This is because SHRM appears to be concerned about the relationship between human resource management (HRM) and strategic management in a particular organization (Nigam, Nongmaithem, Sharma, & Tripathi, 2011). Thus, it tends to have implications for broad concerns for a particular organization such as culture, management of change, organizational effectiveness, among others. According to Nigam et al. (2011), SHRM is when an organization designs and implements what is described as a set of consistent policies and practices to ensure a particular organization’s human capital adds to the accomplishment of its business objective.
It is telling that one of the main modes of theorizing SHRM is the contingency perspective. According to Nigam (2011), this perspective is where HR theorists made an attempt to demonstrate that several HR practices appear to be consistent with what is described as different strategic positions, and how these particular HR practices…

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