The Field Of Special Education Essay

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The field of Special Education is an exciting field to study. Within course SE7001-8: Assessment in Special Education, I have learned a new way of looking and approaching certain situations within the realm of special education. Through the research necessary for this course, it allowed me to gain knowledge and helped to prepare me mentally for the future of being a Director of Special Education and offered insight of how school personnel, administration, paraprofessionals, and various assessments work within the school system. The course provided me with a solid path and foundational view of how administrations work within a school district. Throughout the course, the lessons, readings, and assignments equipped me to become a better educator in the field of special education and how to be a better researcher. One of the most valuable skills that I have learned is how to effectively conduct formal and informal assessments for student with disabilities. Although I have not mastered the skill of properly assessing and evaluating students to receive special education services, I understand that in order to become proficient in this area, I need to maintain and apply the skills that were given throughout the course. Some of the skills that I have learned are how to properly identify a child who may need special educational services, assess and evaluate students for special education and how to properly hold an IEP. These skills are important because it is necessary…

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