Essay about The Field Of Social Work

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The field of Social Work has professional values that all social workers should adhere to during their practice of social work. Often times the professional values of social work are synonymous to the social worker’s personal value structure. An individual’s personal values can conflict with the values of the profession; therefore it is imperative to be aware of those differences in order to conduct ethical social work practice. One’s own values can either constructively or destructively impact their professional conduct. An efficient social worker is one that is aware of their own values yet they are open-minded to people that may possess diverse point of views. Social Workers are challenged on a daily basis by institutions and laws that were meant to oppress, and by individuals who may have different values that you may not comprehend or agree with. However, a Social Worker must remind themselves that in order to be effective, we must adopt the values and ethics that are expected of the profession. Life was severely complex for my family, I grew up in poverty and was raised by a single mom. We were deprived of many childhood experiences that most children received. The holidays were gloomy, with no presents under the tree or special meals prepared. It was a challenge to maintain the necessary resources to survive. My family struggled for the basic necessities such as clean clothing, hot water, and daily nourishment. It was evident that my family needed additional…

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