The Field Of Social Work Essay examples

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I want to enter the field of social work to primarily help others and myself. The real answer as to “why” rests in my personal experiences. My family has been in a lower socioeconomic class for the majority of my life and I’ve also been a witness to drug use, gang activity, and domestic violence in my extended but close family remembers. I want to help these people who suffer negative effects from these events, but my biggest motivator has been my own mental health issues. Certain events in my life have caused me to suffer from multiple mild to severe mental health issues at a very young age with zero support from my family. I was not able to receive counseling until my first year of undergrad, and by that time my counselor felt that I was well adjusted and did not need to focus on those issues unless I very specifically felt it was necessary or ran into a sort of road block or triggering issue. These events motivated me to first learn as much as I could about mental health to learn to better help myself by majoring in Psychology for my undergraduate degree, and not having support when I needed it for nearly a decade of my life has motivated me help others. I want to be the person I needed as a child, for me this has been a lifelong goal. My senior year in undergrad I encountered a non-traditional, female student who complained about bodily pains. After some coaxing, she admitted that her partner caused her wounds in a drug-fueled frenzy. I ascertained whether or not she…

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