The Field Of Public Health Essay

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the Way in 1994, the field of public health has transformed. While the driving forces she mentioned are still applicable today, there are new trends that will change the field of public health. With new research, altering demographics, and new technology, public health educators and leaders must discover innovative ways to educate and prioritize health. The new trends will modify the way we think about the future. Regardless of how public health will change, health educators and leaders must maintain a commitment to the field.
Emerging Trends
In addition to Noreen Clark’s five themes, emerging trends will drive changes to public health in 2016. I discuss trends that add to Clark’s themes of changing culture and technology. However, new findings through research will continue to change public health’s priorities and the way health educators work.
1. In the last century, public health research has lead to longer, healthier lives. However, public health is shifting towards population-level changes and research is useful in policy-making and determining the validity of interventions (Moten, Schafer, Fletcher, and Montgomery, 2016). New evidence from research expands our knowledge in the growing field of public health. To have the best results, health educators use best-practices and evidenced-based programs to deliver interventions. Research will be a driving force behind policy decisions and determining new epidemiological trends.
2. As Noreen Clark said, “Technology will be…

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