The Field Of Psychology : Research, Mind, Brain, And Behavior

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No matter where a person goes, what job they take on, or who they work with, there is always behaviors and mental activity that can me analyzed. Through what is analyzed and what me know about certain types of peoples upbringings one could ultimately predicts their next behaviors. Psychological science is the study through research, mind, brain, and behavior. This definition can be applied to the everyday of life any human in their professional goals, prospective population they will serve, and in their personal life. The professional goal in my life is to because and actuary at a large, successful business. In this field, just like psychology, an actuary has to use description, prediction, control, and explanation. These four primary goals of science are used to describe, predict, control, and explain behavior in the field of Psychology. For an actuary their description is more statistical, their predictions are how the company will do in the future years, and they use control and explanation to show the business the results they have found and how to alter their business to maximize their profits. Also like in Psychology, and actuary has to be a critical thinker. They have to question and evaluate information with well-supported evidence; their evidence being statistical data that gives them the ability to calculate insurance risks. Entering this field of work is not going to be easy, especially because it is dominated by men. To predict how the work environment will…

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