The Field Of Organizational Development Essay

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The field of Organizational Development has produced a plethora of interventions for the practitioner to choose from to facilitate change. Brown (2011) defines interventions as key learning processes that could address the means, activities, or programs that support organizations and individuals achieve the goals of their change projects. Although, the list of OD interventions continues to grow, selecting an effective intervention can be seen as a measurement of the practitioner’s ability to identify change goals and discern needs and appropriate interventions (John, 2013). John (2013) believes “…that the most critical skill for [OD]consultants is not only designing or implementing interventions, but choosing the most effective intervention in the first place given the unique variables present in every client system” (p. 4).
That being said, OD interventions as a resource tool are only as advantageous as the practitioner’s capabilities to align them with the client’s needs and the impact they have on moving the client toward their change capacity (John,2013). Another aspect for demonstrating OD competencies is the practitioner’s mindfulness that interventions should provide opportunities for problem-solving, developing the human capabilities and creating efficiencies and opportunities (Brown, 2011, p.183).
Therefore, with when selecting an intervention Brown (2011) subscribes to three guidelines the OD practitioner should consider. First, for an intervention to be…

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