The Field Of Occupational Therapy Essay example

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The field of occupational therapy serves to aid people in regaining their independence. As an occupational therapist, your goal is to provide your patients with proper physical rehabilitation to engage in meaningful work, or occupations. The American Occupational Therapy Association defines this allied health field as, a career which assists people throughout the lifespan engage in the activities they want and believe are necessary by utilizing everyday activities as a means for therapy (“What is”). The field involves both psychological and physiological aspects of the patient. Therefore an occupational therapist must be trained in a variety of subjects. Mary Anne Peabody and Stephen P. Demanchick note an occupational therapist must be competent in lifespan development, emotional regulation, social and emotional learning, functional play, analyze tasks present in sensory motors cognitive, and social matters, assistive equipment, and finally modifying environmental factors (Peabody & Demanchick, 2016). An occupational therapist (OT) must think critically when working with a patient. For instance, the OT should be able to identify appropriate occupations for their patient, while taking into consideration the patient’s developmental age (including physical, mental, emotional and intellectual levels) and not just their chronological age. Peabody and Demanchick described the role of an occupational therapist in teaching a child functional play which included, helping a child with…

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