The Field Of Modern Physics Essay

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During the 1900s, one of the most influential scientists was Albert Einstein. Einstein is best known for his work with theoretical physics. Through his work, he helped establish the field of modern physics. Throughout his entire life, he was constantly scrutinized. This was mostly related to his involvement in WWII. Einstein’s work impacted history greatly, and without him history would not be written as it is today. Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th, 1879 to Hermann Einstein- a salesman- and Pauline Koch- a house wife. Einstein became interested in science at the young age of five when he became fascinated with pondering the unknown. His father gave him a compass at a young age, and he spent hours studying the magnetic needle. Unable to speak fluently until the age of nine, Einstein was thought by his teachers to be stupid. He was slow in school due to his complex way of determining the best way to solve problems, and he was labelled as a problem child with no signs of intelligence. His advanced problem solving skills, however, continued to develop through his schooling, and he even began to outsmart his teachers. He would deliberately ask questions that he knew his teachers could not answer and smugly grinned in his seat while the teachers struggled. This unfortunately resulted in his expulsion for his rebellious attitude (“Albert Einstein”). Einstein attempted to further his education at the Federal Institute of Technology, or FIT, in Zurich, Switzerland.…

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