Essay about The Field Of Juvenile Justice

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In the field of juvenile justice, many of the concepts have been formulated by integrating the fields of psychology, sociology, social work, and law enforcement. The integration of these fields makes up the fundamental structure of the juvenile justice system. Whether you are a probation officer, judge, lawyer, counselor or clinician, all of these professions must understand the various fields that make up the juvenile justice system. Over 60 of my credit hours at the University of New Orleans are compromised of psychology courses. While being an intern with the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), I have been able to apply much of what I have learned in the various psychology and sociology courses that I have taken. As an intern in the DJS I not only was a mentor, but I also had the opportunity to shadow a probation officer.
The mentoring program is used to help juvenile offenders change their behavior and maladaptive thought. There are many reasons as to why kids end up in the mentoring program. Not all kids on probation are entered into the program. Sometimes attendance is mandatory and others times parents sign their child up for the program. Most often, children who have committed a sexual or violent crime are not referred to the program to protect the mentors. Most of the time, the judge or probation officer looks at the needs of the child and the distress of the family. If a child exhibits poor coping skills or befriending those with bad intentions, a mentor may be…

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